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All prices are in US Dollars.
Email address 1 Email Forwarder under friends.cyberleo.net
Recommended if you need a 'paid for' email address for websites or registrations that won't accept 'free' email addresses, or if you just want to show your support.
Homepage Branded hosting under secondsites.net or friends.cyberleo.net; php5, 100MB storage, 1 mysql database, 1 email box or forwarder, FTP access, no advertisements!
Recommended for a personal website, fansite or point of presence
DNS Need a primary or secondary DNS server for your domain?
VHOST Hosting for 1 domain, unlimited aliases and up to five subdomains, email hosting for 1 domain, 5 MySQL databases, 100 email boxes, FTP/SFTP/Shell access to account, unique UserID
Recommended for extensive personal websites/webshrines and business websites. Three tiers of bandwidth usage without caps or annoying 'This site has exceeded its bandwidth allowance' messages.
Low usage (5GB): $10/monthMedium usage (10GB): $20/monthHigh usage (20GB): $30/month
Domain name registration: 12 euros/year (about $15.25)
Subdomain Webhosting for 1 subdomain, 1 MySQL database, FTP/SFTP/Shell access to account, unique UserID
Recommended for adding another subdomain to an existing vhost, or if you want an offsite subdomain for your existing website.
Low usage: $5/monthMedium usage: $10/monthHigh usage: $15/month
Email Add email for an existing domain, subdomain, or set up a backup mailserver in case of emergencies.
Low usage: $5/monthMedium usage: $10/monthHigh usage: $15/month
More Email Add an additional 10 email boxes to your service plan
More Databases Add 5 more MySQL databases to your service plan
More Storage Add an additional gig of storage to your service plan
More Bandwidth Add an additional 5 gigs of bandwidth to your service plan
Icecast Webstreaming Add an Icecast webstream relay to your service plan. All prices are monthly
Inquire for details
Due to the high cost of some monetary transfer services, we are forced to apply surcharges for certain transfer types.
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