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About Us

CyberLeo.Net started as a pet project in early 2000, as a way learn the intricacies of administering a webserver, as well as a business, while providing hosting services to friends and family. Five years and countless upgrades later, CyberLeo.Net is providing small and large-scale hosting solutions to customers worldwide, from simple homepage and image hosting to full domain virtual web and email hosting, multimedia hosting and text-based game hosting. Our ala-carte service matrix gives customers the freedom to pick and choose which services they require, while also providing several competitively priced base packages to simplify setup.

Hosting isn't the only thing you can find at CyberLeo.Net, as a service is nothing without the support of the people behind it. We will work closely with new and existing customers to assist with transfer, setup, installation and maintinence to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

Along with competitively priced hosting and top-notch support, our staff can be contracted for various other purposes. Website design, web application development and offsite assistance installing and maintaining Windows, Linux and BSD servers and desktop systems, as well as hardware upgrades and repairs are just a few of the things our capable staff can handle.

Another note that sets us apart from your average webhost is our wide range of payment options, ranging from Cash and money orders to PayPal, eGold, YowCow, and stable game currencies that can be traded for US Dollars on the open market, such as SecondLife Linden Dollars.

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